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EGO CLT and EGO CLT MIX cross laminated timber panels

# What are the advantages of using CLT panels?

Our construction system enables us to design large diaphanous spaces, reducing columns and downstand beams. CLT panels have optimal thermal, acoustic and energy efficiency qualities and are safe, quick and clean to erect on site.

# Where can I purchase these panels? What’s your telephone number?

Please contact Eneko Zaldibar and he will provide you with all the information you need: t 0044 79 8150 9724

# Do Egoin’s panels receive a fire-resistance treatment?

Timber has a natural capacity to protect itself under fire creating a layer of char. We allow for this charring during the design stage, calculating the remaining section. Where achieving the required fire-rating increases the size of timber dramatically, we will look into protecting it, either by covering it up with fire resistant plasterboard or by applying mineral treatment coatings.

# What wood species does EGOIN use for the CLT panels?

There is an extensive selection of species available: Radiata pine, European larch, Spruce and Douglas Fir. We will use the species that best suits your needs.

# How long does it take to assemble the panels on site?

It depends on the project size and complexity. At any rate, the high degree of prefabrication avoids down times and rationalizes expenses in manual labour. Furthermore, being timber panels, they are easy to fix, with little noise and waste, and sufficiently light to reduce the size of the crane. Based on this, a considerable cost optimization of the erection process can be achieved.

# What surface qualities do these panels have?

We offer them in two qualities, industrial grading, to be covered up on site, and visual quality, to be left exposed in walls, ceilings and roofs.

# What are the dimensions of the panels?

The dimensions of these panels can reach up to 14m in length and 3,8m in width, with a maximum thickness of 360mm. These dimensions may not be the optimal for transport, please contact us in this regard.

# Do the panels comply with any quality regulation?

At Egoin we firmly believe in quality and our CLT panels have the CE conformity marking. Also, with AITIM (the Spanish Wood Industry Research Association) and the IteC (Construction Technology Institute of Catalonia), Egoin has developed the EOTA document which endorses the technical development and quality of our products. AITIM has also issued Egoin with certificates in 5 products; please see the section on Certification and Approvals for more details.
To ensure our environmental credentials are met, all of your wood comes from sustainably managed forests approved by the Forestry Certification System with a PEFC certificate that guarantees the use of products with eco-tags.

# Do these panels comply with the latest regulations regarding acoustic insulation?

The EGO_CLT™ and EGO_CLT MIX™ panels comply with the most demanding regulations in acoustic insulation: CTE DB-HR (Technical Construction Code) and the French regulation NRA-1992.

# How do you protect the panels against moisture?

Direct contact with moisture is avoided by placing a waterproof membrane at the base of the ground floor walls. If the facade finish is directly fixed to the panel (non-ventilated), like mortar render systems, specific products that are waterproof and permeable to vapour must be used. For ventilated facades, a water barrier will be used.

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