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EGO CLT and EGO CLT MIX cross laminated timber panels


Our COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT consists of four basic points:

1. We use reusable and recyclable material. Wood is a highly competitive material. At the end of the product's life cycle (PLC), the timber panels can be reused in other constructions or be recycled, as raw material for manufacturing many timber products.

2. Timber panels are energy efficient and consume fewer resources. The energy necessary for the extraction, transformation, production and transport of timber structures is far lower than any other construction material. In addition to this, thanks to a better planning, a factory-controlled manufacturing process and faster on site erection speed industrialized timber systems entail lower production costs.

3. No CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere. Timber-made products are natural carbon sinks and their embedded energy is low. Timber is the alternative to conventional construction materials that require of high amounts of energy in their fabrication processes.

4. Renewable and biodegradable material. Egoin only uses only wood sourced certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). This guarantees that the wood used for the manufacture of the panels comes from responsibly managed forests. Besides, wood is a non-contaminant biodegradable material that makes a minimum environmental impact .

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