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EGO CLT and EGO CLT MIX cross laminated timber panels





Structural excellence

  • A high load bearing capacity combined with a low density gives CLT panels an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
    Long spans and large open spaces without the need for intermediate supports offer designers the possibility to create spacious, modern spaces. They can be used for long cantilevers, canopies and roof overhangs. Besides, thanks to the reduction in wall thickness the building’s internal footprint is increased .
    Industrial building, Saint-Geours de Maremne (France)

Bio-construction: an eco-efficient construction system

  • Our integrated system delivers high quality buildings at a lower environmental cost. We build sustainable thermally efficient timber constructions, reducing onsite construction times and keeping a tight control on project’s key aspects: cost, time and quality. Vita Project: VITA HOUSE

Optimal thermal and acoustic performance

  • Timber has excellent thermal insulation properties. A house built with Egoin cross laminated timber panels can achieve a thermal conductivity value of λ = 0.14 W/(m•k). We are certified to build to Passivhaus Standards.

    Wood has excellent acoustic properties. It reduces the impact sound and airborne sound transfer thanks to its dynamic properties and a porous cell structure.
    Optimal thermal and acoustic performance

Fast assembly

  • The high degree of prefabrication of Egoin timber structures reduces significantly onsite construction times. Cross laminated timber panels and other components are designed and manufactured using CNC machinery in a factory controlled environment. This minimises mistakes and allows us fabricating to the highest quality standards. The optimization of our manufacturing process entails reductions in costs, delivery times and a more efficient coordination of following trades. Ikaztegieta Town Hall (Gipuzkoa)
(under construction)

Quality of life

  • Wood has a warm, natural feeling. By reducing risk to allergies and accumulation of static electricity, wood creates a friendly atmosphere, absorbs static electricity and helps maintaining an optimum humidity balance in the air by reducing condensation. Its high thermal and acoustic insulation properties provide a better comfort and quality of life. Besides, heat losses (and consequently, heating bills) are significantly reduced. Quality of life

Our commitment to the environment

  • EGO CLT™ and EGO CLT MIX™ cross laminated panels are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology following our principles of sustainability and high quality. Egoin uses wood sourced from sustainably managed forests endorsed by the Forest certification Scheme (PEFC). This certificate highlights the responsible sourcing of the raw material and enhances Egoin ´s commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

    The amount of energy required to manufacture our panels is much lower when compared to other materials. Besides, the CO2 absorbed by the trees during their life time remains in the structure of the building, which acts as a carbon sink and sees its environmental impact reduced.
    Our commitment to the environment

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